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| January 2, 2018

My Account – Business

My Business Account is a secure and convenient way for businesses to access their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account information online. You will need a Government of Canada epass to log in to My Business Account.

Business Number Registration

Business Registration Online is a one stop, online, self-serve application that allows you to register for a Business Number, as well as for four program accounts: Corporation income tax, GST/HST, Payroll and Import/Export.

Canadian Corporate Income Tax Rates

Following are the Part I corporate income tax rates for Federal and Ontario. These rates are current as of August 19, 2016 and are for educational purposes only. Please consult your specialized professional for specific cases.

CCPC(i) claiming SBD(ii) Other Corporation (Non-M&P(iii))
Federal 10.5% (reduced by 0.5%) 15%
Ontario 4.5% 11.5%
Small Business Limit $500,000 n/a
Federal 11% 15%
Ontario 4.5% 11.5%
Small Business Limit $500,000 n/a
Federal 11% 15%
Ontario 4.5% 11.5%
Small Business Limit $500,000 n/a
Federal 11% 15%
Ontario 4.5% 11.5%
Small Business Limit $500,000 n/a

(i) Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
(ii) Small Business Deduction
(iii) Manufacturing and Processing

Prescribed Interest Rates – Federal

CRA prescribed interest rates for the amounts (i.e. Corporation tax, Individual tax and other taxes, duties, or charges) owed to the Canada Revenue Agency and the amounts CRA owes to individual and corporations. Generally, interest rates are reset every three months.

Prescribed Interest Rates – Ontario

Interest rates apply to any amounts you owe to the Ministry of Revenue and the ministry owes to individuals and corporations. Generally, interest rates are reset every three months.


Finding the GST/HST rates since January 1, 1991.

CRA – My Payment

My Payment lets you make one or more payments in one simple online transaction. You can use this service if you have access to online banking at a participating financial institution.

Please use the link above to follow the payment procedure.

Validating GST/HST Number

Did you know that you can validate the GST/HST number of any business in Canada?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) lets you validate the GST/HST number online. This resource will help corporations and individuals avoid paying any unnecessary GST/HST, if the business is not registered. This service can be used at no cost.

In order to validate, you would need to enter the business name, the GST/HST or business number (first 9 digits) and the date of the transaction.

The link to CRA GST/HST Registry can be found here.

GST/HST – Access Code Online

If you have lost or never received an access code to NETFILE GST/HST return, you can now get a new code by using GST/HST Access Code Online.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has added this service to create a new access code to replace the one that was lost or that you didn’t receive it in the mail.

In order to obtain a new access code you will need to enter the following information:

  1. The Business Number, and
  2. Reporting period of the current return.

CRA will verify the above information by obtaining one of the following:

  1. The reporting period and line 109 (i.e. net tax) from a previously filed return; or
  2. The reporting period and confirmation number from a return filed using GST/HST NETFILE, TELEFILE, or Internet File Transfer.

Please note that the session is secured and will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity.

In order to access the CRA service simply click on the heading above.