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2018 Tax Checklist

|| February 18, 2019

Please download and complete the checklist(s) below for the preparation of your 2018 Income Tax and Benefit Return.  Please complete checklist #1 in all cases.  Other checklists are only required, if you have a rental property and/or you are a self-employed individual. Along with the checklist, please provide us with

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2019 Employment Insurance (EI) Maximum Insurable Earnings

|| January 28, 2019

The Canada Revenue Agency announced the maximum insurable earnings and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums for 2019 on September 13, 2018. This year the rate has been decreased to 1.62% for employees, and 2.268% (1.4 times of 1.62%) for employers. Contributors who earn more than $53,100 in 2019 are not

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|| January 15, 2019

MAXIMUM PENSIONABLE EARNINGS FOR 2019: The Canada Revenue Agency announced the maximum pensionable earnings under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for 2019. The rate will be increased from 4.95% to 5.10% for employee and employer, and from 9.9% to 10.2% for self-employed. Contributors who earn more than $57,400 in 2019 (2018: $55,900) are not required or

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Holiday Hours December 24, 2018 to January 1, 2019

|| December 14, 2018

We will be closed starting December 24, 2018 (Monday) to January 1, 2019 (Tuesday). We will resume on January 2, 2019 (Wednesday) at 9:30 am. On behalf of our team, we wish you and your family the best of the Holiday Season and Happy New Year!  

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